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Levant Mirage

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Levant Mirage exposes more than just fifteen hundred years of religious turmoil. The world faces a grim choice–submit to the demands of terrorists or face mass obliteration. Adam Michaels, son of a jet-setting mother and a heroic Syrian father is exonerated for his part in the bloodiest day of America’s longest war. Yet when he returns home, neither forgiveness nor understanding greet him. His ambitious and politically connected wife files for divorce, a conspiracy in the halls of the Pentagon places a target squarely on his back, and a Broadway actress believes she has fallen in love with him.

When a secret PhD dissertation is inexplicably declassified, Adam becomes the most hated man in the terrorist’s world. Believing he might hold the key to thwart a theocratic society of subjugation, a splinter group of ISIS attempts to kidnap or at the very least, kill him. With a billion lives in the balance as the planet crumbles, Adam makes a choice that few understand and fewer will forgive.

Taken from our daily headlines, the research, people, and places of Levant Mirage are real although the work is fiction. Historical figures, groups, and concepts give the novel a classic feel much like Leon Uris’ Mila 18 and Michener’s The Source.

The size and breadth of the book attract informed readers, those who receive news from evening television, print media, and the internet services. An easy read for a few days business travel or a weekend getaway of late nights, Levant Mirage secures its place as a thriller with enough suspense to keep the reader turning the pages and guessing to the end.


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