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Hunt the Shadow Book 1

During the summer of 2018, Pearl River Publishing serialized Hunt the Shadow on the website. The first chapter appears here. You may purchase the entire novel, ebook or print, and soon audio by applying the links below. Hope you enjoy ~ Ollie







The US never leaves a soldier behind. Almost never. 

After a failed black ops mission in the dark days of the Afghanistan War, desert tribesmen return a wounded American soldier. After months of rehabilitation for a broken back and a damaged spirit, Phil Pfeiffer returns to civilian life as a private detective tracking cheating spouses and bail jumpers. 

When a philandering husband goes missing, however, nothing is right with the investigation or the search for the husband’s body. After the insurance company is forced to pay off, the widow spots her husband’s photo in a celebrity magazine and sends Pfeiffer to unravel the mystery. Before he can, the absent man dies a second time this time leaving the detective fighting for his own life.