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Dear Curious Readers,

The Wild Rose Press released Camelot Games, in April 2015.  Here’s a bit of a tease:

A meteoric career awaits the dynamic son and lovely daughter of California field workers. Winning election after election, the kingmaker proclaims the time is right and the sky’s the limit. Cast in the image of John and Jacqueline Kennedy’s bygone era come hints of the nation’s first Latino presidency.

Just when life seems most promising, the senator’s beautiful aide goes missing. Rumors abound. Storm clouds darken personal horizons while three thousand miles away, an unwitting fisherman stumbles upon her pregnant corpse. The media whips speculation into accusation just as the senator’s plane goes missing.

As revelations drive conjecture, the country’s electrical grid comes under a furious hacker attack. But from whom? Words of the absent senator’s warning prove prophetic when the nation plunges into a chaos that threatens a second and far uglier American Civil War.

Oliver F. Chase, Camelot Games

Pearl River Publishing is working to turn Levant Mirage into an audiobook. We expect the release in March 2018 … or so.

Interesting may be something you’d like for light entertainment. This little group came about during the surge of authors, novels, blogs, short stories, audiobooks … whew. You get the idea.

A reader asked if our little group didn’t feel overwhelmed by the number of authors, books, and the weight of giant publishing houses. We were caught in the crossfire, it is true, but as self-sufficient independents, the threat was not fatal.  The writers of refused to be victims. It’s just too easy to blame others for the mess that is today’s writing and publishing industry. The perpetrators are not Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as many might believe. Did you know nearly one hundred new independent bookstores opened their doors in 2017? That’s a great and encouraging statistic.

As readers, we take responsibility for the choice of the entertainment. If our appetites lead to the demise of traditional industries, then so be it.  Where have all the stereopticons gone? Mass entertainment is ruled by the masses and not the providers. The world changed in the last twenty years, and roll with our new and exciting times we must.

Selfishly, I’ll never have to give up novels, either reading or writing. There are a thousand lifetimes of books already written and in the libraries of the world, and many, many more to come, so I’m not worried.

The writers of are minor cogs in a very large wheel. Why? Because that’s just the way it is. So let’s quit the bellyaching and enjoy our wonderful times. Maybe Pearl River Publishing might even become profitable one day. Stranger things have happened. Until then, the imprint is self-funded, forward-thinking, open to new ideas, and able to accommodate our curious readers.

And, we’re having fun. After all, the reader is why the writer writes, is it not?

All my best, Oliver

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