Oliver Chase

Oliver grew up on America’s coastlines, mostly on military bases. Like all boys, he played good guys and bad and discovered trouble usually accompanied breaking the rules. Somehow he kept his name off the police blotters. Coaxing him into an afternoon of baseball, sailing, or hiking didn’t take much unless a book grabbed him first.

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Ollie Chase Takes on Life
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Hunt the Shadow- Phil Pfeiffer Thriller Book 1

When a doubting widow convinces Phil Pfeiffer to investigate the death of her wayward husband, people die. Even a death certificate fails to convince the scorned woman after her missing man’s picture inexplicably appears in a national magazine. Before Pfeiffer can unravelthe mystery, the absent man dies violently in the crash of a small airplane, leaving the detective fighting for his life. 

A Time for Dying  - Phil Pfeiffer Thriller Book 2

The drop-dead gorgeous girlfriend of a deadly mobster travels to a clandestine meeting likely to end in her own death. She'd once ordered thugs to chase Phil Pfeiffer out of Las Vegas, yet now pleads for his help. Grit, guts, and resolve alone will not be enough to stop the century's most heinous criminal. Will a Calendar girl’s faith tip the balance? 

Camelot games

“When a secret political machine maneuvers California war hero, Scott McHale and his beautiful activist wife, Angie into running for political office, an entirely new and frightening evil is unleashed upon the American public. As the wildly popular Latino couple’s success and independence grow, hidden kingmakers quietly put into play a plan designed to plunge the nation into chaos.

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Levant mirage

Levant Mirage exposes more than just fifteen hundred years of religious turmoil. The world faces a grim choice–submit to the demands of terrorists or face mass obliteration. Adam Michaels, son of a jet-setting mother and a heroic Syrian father is exonerated for his part in the bloodiest day of America’s longest war. Yet when he returns home, neither forgiveness nor understanding greet him. His ambitious and politically connected wife files for divorce, a conspiracy in the halls of the Pentagon places a target squarely on his back, and a Broadway actress believes she has fallen in love with him.

Uncertain Evil- Phil Pfeiffer Thriller Book 3  (Scheduled for release 2019)

On the cusp of a monumental medical breakthrough, a young researcher jumps to her death. The coroner decreessuicide and the parents are furious with denial. After fifteen years of failing to prove otherwise, they hire Phil Pfeiffer. Can he succeed where others have quit, or will the abyss of an uncertain evil swallow him, too?  


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