Oliver Chase

Oliver grew up on America’s coastlines, mostly on military bases. Like all boys, he played good guys and bad and discovered trouble usually accompanied breaking the rules. Somehow he kept his name off the police blotters. Coaxing him into an afternoon of baseball, sailing, or hiking didn’t take much unless a book grabbed him first.

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Hunt the shadow

During the summer of 2018, Pearl River Publishing serialized Hunt the Shadow on the Interestingauthors.com. website. The serials appear here and without any breaks. You may purchase the entire novel, ebook or print, by applying the links at the end of these opening chapters.  Hope you enjoy ~ Ollie

A time for dying

In this award-winning sequel to Hunt the Shadow, Phil Pfeiffer chooses between his own life and that of the killer’s. In the end, he decid

Camelot games

“When a secret political machine maneuvers California war hero, Scott McHale and his beautiful activist wife, Angie into running for political office, an entirely new and frightening evil is unleashed upon the American public. As the wildly popular Latino couple’s success and independence grow, hidden kingmakers quietly put into play a plan designed to plunge the nation into chaos.

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Levant mirage

Levant Mirage exposes more than just fifteen hundred years of religious turmoil. The world faces a grim choice–submit to the demands of terrorists or face mass obliteration. Adam Michaels, son of a jet-setting mother and a heroic Syrian father is exonerated for his part in the bloodiest day of America’s longest war. Yet when he returns home, neither forgiveness nor understanding greet him. His ambitious and politically connected wife files for divorce, a conspiracy in the halls of the Pentagon places a target squarely on his back, and a Broadway actress believes she has fallen in love with him.